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Launch Day

Launch Day will be May 12th 2018   More

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events Launch Day May 12, 2018 Opening Night May 19th, 2018 More

St. Patrick’s Day party!

Saturday, March 11th —St. Patrick’s Day party! Come join the fun, enjoy a great corned beef dinner with all the fixings, and listen to some great music!  You can even wear that bright, green shirt and shamrocks you’ve been wanting to wear!  A signup page with the time and cost will be posted soon. More

Launch Day May 6th 2017

Launch Day will be May 6th 2017 More

Holiday Party Dev 17th!!


Kids Christmas Party Dec 11th


Lobster Bake!!!

Lobster Bake, September 24th 6p.m. More

Town River Invasion!!

Invasion September 10-11 PPYC invades Town River Y.C Sign up by the bar. More

Reminder!! Member Appreciation Party!!

Reminder!! Member Appreciation Party. June 25th starting at noon. More

Poker Run

Save the Date… Elks Annual Poker Run to be held Saturday, July 23th Applications will be available in the bar. Come join in for a great time supporting our Veterans! More